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History Coming Alive

New York State offers visitors a wealth of memorable experiences. It is home to a rich and colourful history, phenomenal natural wonders and culturally significant sites. You don’t have to be a historian to appreciate the heritage; New York’s ‘Path through History’ is designed to guide you through this amazing past. Showcasing an unparalleled network of museums and historic spots, follow the path across the state to discover events of the past and learn how they reverberate today. 

From living museums and natural wonders, to forts and military landmarks, to the homes of presidents, great writers and artists – New York State is a living breathing tapestry of American life.

 Discover:  A new way of experiencing the story of the Empire State.

 Understand: A past filled with historic sites and cultural institutions, found in communities in every region of the state.

 Experience:  History and nature coming to life as you explore New York State.

How to use A Path Through History

To help you discover its incredible past, New York State have created thirteen different themed stories. These stories will guide you through the different regions of the State, offering you a brand new way to experience the narrative flowing through New York.

We have selected our favourite stories from the collection to get you started on the Path - click on the links below to begin planning your journey now..






And if the above stories are not enough to wet your appetite for New York State's history, then try the following links out for yet more inspiration...

Canals & Transportation, Immigration, Native Americans, Revolutionary War, Women's Rights, or the War of 1812



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